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    McAfee I.S. vs Norton nis-


      Hello - new to McAfee - came preloaded with new PC so decided to stay with the product never used it before  ... i realize people on this board are in favor of McAfee but wondering if anyone else left Norton and why .... thanks in advance ! (hope i can navigate back here - LOL)   regards to all - Edythe

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          Peter M


          I moved this to General Discussion as probably a better spot.  I can't help you as I never used their security software but from online reading and comments here and there in these forums it boils down to personal choice I think.   I've read their forums and quite honestly, the same issues seem to crop up with  both brands at some time or another.  All I know is McAfee is pretty highly rated at the moment.   Soon the brand name itself will be replaced by Intel, who bought the company in 2011, but that will take a while to happen.   

          I'm an unpaid volunteer by the way. 

          Good luck ;-)

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            OK found new area - thanks for replying - Interesting about Intel - good to know!  and i know you're so right - personal choice - each company has it's loyals - and i did see McAfee was within the top 10 ... thanks again !  Edythe

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