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    Rootkit problem


      Hi, this is my first time, ever on the discussion, so sorry if i have posted this someone wrong.


      My problem is that earlier, when is started a scan on my computer, when it scans something it will say the name of what it is scanning, however i noticed it scanning something called rootkit. I googled what it was and found out that it was malicous software which is "hidden" and hard to get rid of. Ever since i have downloaded mcafee anti rootkit and i have ran and it says that that it did not find anything. I have also tried other things like Gmer and tdss killer but however i have not found anything. So i am not sure if i actually have a rootkit virus on my computer or not, as even though the scan have proved that were non that it could be an advance rootkit virus which i can't find. i have also tried to search the word rootkit on my computer but got nothing back. Also i have noticed that my CPU is really high which i think is being caused by the rootkit virus.


      Hopefully someone will be able to help me,



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          You can stop worrying, it means that the software, at that moment, was scanning for rootkits.  We have asked the developers to reword what is displayed there to stop people panicking.


          You could run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free or maybe even RootkitRemover, all linked in the last link in my signature below if it might make you feel better about it   ;-)

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            thanks a lot, i been going around all day, trying to find it



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              You're welcome.   The high CPU could be caused by a number of things, a scan in progress, an update occurring, emails coming in, a backup in progress etc. etc.


              If it persists you could try those tools I suggested or....


              Technical Support are there free of charge by phone or online chat, should you need them - see Useful Links at the top of this page.