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    McAfee and Ad-Aware and False Positive?

      I just noticed that McAfee security center quarantined a number of files on Christmas eve during a full system scan. They all appear to be related to Ad-aware. They were identified as generic.dx (trojan).

      The files in question are aawlic.exe, ad-aware2007.exe, ad-watch2007.exe, hostfileeditor.exe, lsupdatemanager.exe, processwatch.exe and registration_helper.prg.

      They were all in C:\program files\lavasoft\ad-aware2007\.

      I am assuming this is a false positive related to a definitions update but want to check. I tried to upload the files but McAfee reported they were too big to send. I have had Ad-Aware installed on my system for about a year and scan my computer everyday.

      Thanks in advance for any comments