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    McAfee Security Innovations


      I have all the software and the McAfee all access for Android and the application security innovations. It is all up to date according to the play store and the app security innovations tells me that it has an update and will only let me use 1 of it's features. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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          I hope I made that clear I have all access but downloaded innovations anyway and it just tells me in innovations that it needs updating but their is no update. It will only let me open 1 feature in innovations. I am using Android 2.3 that may be why.

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            I have asked the Mobile innovations group owner to comment.

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              Peter M

              Security Innovations App has limited security ability, see HERE  


              If you wish to install All Access Mobile antivirus protection on your Android go to your online account page and add that particular device,  It will tell you there what to do and how to do it.


              On the Overview page just click the + sign to the right of the top bar and go from there.  (Click to enlarge)




              It will offer optional extras such as Safekey (universal password "storage") and Family Protection which you don't have to accept, it's your choice.

              Meanwhile you may wish to uninstall Security Innovations, of course that;s your choice.




















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                Which one feature are you able to open? we've logged the issue where it reports that you need to update your McAfee All Access Android client and are working on a fix for that.


                There are other features in the McAfee Mobile Innovations app that have OS requirements:

                Smart Perimeter and Notification Blocker requires Android 4.0+

                the rest of the features should work if you have a device running lower than 4.0


                what device model and OS do you have?




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                  Peter M

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