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    McAfee Inc. mfeapfk service failed?


      McAfee Inc. mfeapfk service failed, does anyone know where I can download a new driver?

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          It's not necessarily the driver but rather a service that is slow or failing to start.   Can you please advise what operating system and service pack you are using and , even if you don't use it at all, what version of Internet Explorer is installed?


          (The McAfee interface relies on IE being up to date and at default settings regadless of your default browser choices).


          Try running the Virtual Technician to see if it fixes anything.   http://mvt.mcafee.com/

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            You may benefit by going to http://mvt.mcafee.com  and Downloading the McAfee Virtual Technician Tool.

            Save it to your Desktop, and close all other applications and open and install. It will diagnose and attempt to

            repair any issues you may have.


            Please record the Session Id #, in case you find the need to have to contact Technical Support, which can be found at the top of the page, under "Useful Links"


            I might add, on some occasions, it may need to be ran more than once.


            Good Luck,



            Sorry Ex_Brit...I was unaware that you were replying..


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              Hi All,


              Try the below steps and post back the Outcome..!


              Disable Access protection. (Open McAfee UI > Navigation > General Settings and Alerts >Access Protection > Uncheck and click Apply)


              Open regedit using Run dialog..!


              Click File > Export > Type a Name >Save it to your Desired location.  (Use this file to Restore back the Settings in case anything Goes wrong.)


              1. Navigate to HKeyLocalMachine/SYSTEM/Current control set/Services/mfeapfk
              2. Check if ImagePath is "system32/drivers/mfeapfk.sys"
              3. Change Start value from 2 to 3.
              4. Enable Access protection
              5. Restart computer


              on 7/4/14 1:37:23 AM IST
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                Hmm...I seem to have this problem also. McAfee is still running fine but I noticed this new error since 17 January 2014 in my Event Viewer, which also coincided with the McAfee Security Center update on 17 Jan too.


                Error message as follow:


                The McAfee Inc. mfeapfk service failed to start due to the following error:

                The specified service does not exist.





                [ Name] Service Control Manager

                [ Guid] {555908d1-a6d7-4695-8e1e-26931d2012f4}

                [ EventSourceName] Service Control Manager




                [ Qualifiers] 49152








                [ SystemTime] 2014-01-17T17:21:27.766033900Z





                [ ProcessID] 616

                [ ThreadID] 620





                param1McAfee Inc. mfeapfk




                It only happened when I start the PC. To date, this error has appeared everytime I start my computer. The only abnormality is that Windows is booting up slower than usual. Other than that, it seems fine to me still. I presume it is caused by the recent update?


                I'm using Windows 7 SP1 with latest updates and latest IE. I've also checked under Windows/System32/Drivers and this particular system file is there. I haven't tried modifying the registry as I'm not comfortable with messing around with it. So I rather wait for a patch to fix this. I hope Selvan can confirm if it's indeed caused by a broken patch.



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                  Hi deathstalker,


                  You might even call Tech Support so that they can do it for you at ease..! We need to check if the above mentioned workaround is Successful before incorporating it as a patch / fix which is a fairly long process..!

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                    Chinthanai, Your procedure for changing the registry values worked.


                    I have (3) Win 7 Home 64-bit systems that are experiencing the issue.  I'm not sure how long the Event 7000 issue has been occuring as I didn't take the time to dig through the logs on all of my PCs to see when it first occured.


                    However, I built a new system for my wife over the last couple of weeks and noticed on 1/3/14 that the error was popping up after I installed McAfee TP 2013 via direct download from the McAfee Internet site.  It occurs every time I boot the system.  It was a brand new install of Win 7, then SP1, and all updates since.


                    Please let the dev team know we have an issue so they can resolve it.


                    I bet most people don't even know they have an issue as they probably don't check Event Viewer.  My build pointed it out and then I found it on other PCs as I tried to troubleshoot this issue.


                    Thanks for the help and the temporary fix.



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                      Chinthanai, Just checked my Win 7 Pro laptop.  Same issue, same fix... 

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                        If Event Viewer shows things that failed, I wouldn't worry about it unless the software itself starts acting up.   The Event Viewer's main job is to report glitches as they happen and for the most part I advise people to ingore it unless there is a noticeable problem then it's useful for Support to know what it says..

                        Treat it as FYI only.


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                          I always check my Event viewer for symptoms of windows or software errors as this helped me to detect problems early on and also doing troubleshooting. My Windows 7 crashed for no reason last July and I had a very painful experience of reformatting and I'm now very worried whenever I see errors like this reported in Event Viewer.


                          Anyway, I'd like to ask Selvan, is this error safe to ignore for now? What does this mfeapfk service do anyway? Is it a core and vital McAfee service? If I modify the registry values, will the patch mess up the changes again later on?


                          Thanks to Ex_Brit for trying to reassure us. But I do hope we can have a more authoritative answer on this at the mo'.



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