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    McAfee Client Proxy Not Redirecting to Proxy


      We use MCP, SaaS Web Control Panel, and the latest version of EPO.


      I am using a test laptop and It's always reporting "No Redirection".


      Our MCP policy in ePO is setup to redirect when off premises:



      I have verified that the Policy and revision are the same. In EPO:


      On the Laptop:



      I have tested from the laptop to make sure I can not hit those servers. I am not able to hit those servers and ports. I can hit them when I am on the network. You will notice that it shows no redirection and no connectivity. I'm assuming the no connectivity just means its not going to hit the proxy server? When I am on the network it shows the active proxy.


      I have checked the registry and it just shows the same information.


      Any idea what the issue is or what else I can look at? Why is the policy not using the proxy server when I am off the premises?

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