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    CSR initialize issue

    Peter Näslund

      I have installed CSR 2.0 (Content Security Reporter) in ePO 4.6.6, and I have created a Log Source "Collect Log Files From McAfee Web Gateway 7.x", and I have tested the Log Source:


      Successfully contacted Web Gateway server......


      The Job Queue reports an error:


      Failed - Couldn't Initialize     0 bytes


      How do I troubleshoot, or what is wrong?


      We have Web Gateway

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          I would recommend you push logs instead of pulling logs, and I am well aware that there are people who disagree with me.  But pulling logs doesn't work in large environments (more than 1 or 2 Web Gateways in central management) because all gateways route the logs through the master node.  In most of these cases, it won't work.






          If you insist that you want to pull logs, then I would need to see the server.log.  When you reply, In the upper-right corner, there is an "advanced" link.  Click that  and you will have the option to attach files to your message.

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            Peter Näslund

            I checked the server.log at CSR and it reads:


            user-defined-logs/access.log does not exist


            But that has allready been checked at creating the Log Source and clicking the Test-button. I tried to change the filename access.log and did get an error when clicking the Test-button. It must be a bug.


            I have now changed it to push the logs with success.