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      Until my McAfee Security Center updated to the 12.8.(903) Build. I have never noticed the above mentioned Process?

      It is my understanding that this is a "Legitimate" Microsoft process. However, up until now I have never noticed the process

      running in my "Task Manager"


      If I may further elaborate...I noticed my "Modem" lights indicating activity. When opening Task manager, it revealed that "UIODetect.exe" was indeed running, accompanied by an additional "Task Host.exe" as well? It is my understanding that this process is actually "Interactive Services".


      I waited for a lengthy period of time, and ran a "Quick Scan", followed by the latest "Getsusp" Version and both came up clean.


      After doing so, I did a Restart and still noticed an additonal (number) of processes running. I checked Services.msc and it indeed is

      listed as a service-"Manual" setting. Should I be concerned, and as it is defined as a " Interactive Service" what service could it be that it is

      interacting with?


      I did some searching, and I am not experiencing any "Flashing Icon" in my Task Bar, as the Microsoft Forums indicated could produce?

      My primary concern, is should I be concerned? I am fairly knowledgeable in regards to such..(Crazy like a Fox). Yet as I have stipulated

      more times than I can count...I respect and appreciate the knowledge and info from all that superceeds my knowledge of such.


      Any response or enlightment in regards to my concerns, would be most appreciated.


      Thank you in Advance,