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    Uninstall stock McAfee Anti Theft on Dell Inspiron w/ Windows 8.1


      My Dell Inspiron 7537 came with McAfee Anti Theft preinstalled on Windows 8. I upgraded the machine to Windows 8.1 and then tried to uninstall Anti Theft. However when I go to Control Panel, Remove Programs, and lauch the McAfee Anti Theft uninstaller, it does not seem to start - no UI launches. Also, trying to launch McAfee Anti Theft using the desktop shortcut leads to the same result - nothing seems to launch.


      I downloaded and ran MCPR, but the tool reported that it cannot uninstall software if Anti Theft is installed.


      I also ran the ESU tool, which has the following result:


      Intel(R) Enrollment Status Utility for Anti-Theft Services v1.0.0.1


              AT Enrollment Code     = 1

              AT Enrollment Status   = Not Enrolled


      I never used Anti Theft, so I just want it gone. How can I proceed?