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    "IDSS_SS_NAME IDSS_SS_VERSION" Firefox Plugin, What's that ?




      This is my first post in this board.


      For some days I've been getting trouble with my network and remote virtual printer driver under Firefox.

      I attempted to troubleshoot hese issues and I ended with an unknown plugin, not here for long, probably 3 or 4 days no more because I'm inspecting my system quite twice a week but a mistake is still possible.

      I updated Viruscan Enterprise 8.8 to sig #7314 last Saturday.


      The plugin is "IDSS_SS_NAME IDSS_SS_VERSION", it says to be originating from McAfee, without any more pieces of information. No ID, no version.

      I disabled it and my problems went away.


      What this plugin is for ?

      Where does it come from ? Last update or malware?

      If originating from McAfee, it must have asked for permission before installation, right ?


      Thanks in advance and best regards

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            It's part of the VSE scriptscan engine that protects browsers (IE up to 9, Firefox) from malicious javascripts.  I agree that the plugin should identify itself correctly.  You can set a few options for ScriptScan under the VirusScan Console, On-Access Scan Properties, General Settings, ScriptScan tab.

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              Thank you for your feedback.


              1) According to your recommendation, I uncessfully ended with this tab because although Scriptscan was enabled, I'm lacking skills to find out what to put in the exclusion boxes. I left it as-is and looked at the other Access Protection module instead. Here's what I did:

              I activated the option within the Viruscam console under  "Access Protection",  "Common Standard Protection", "access protection" tab,  "Protect Mozilla&  Firefox  files & settings".

              For some reason, "Block" was disabled. I didn't reactivate the "IDSS_SS_NAME IDSS_SS_VERSION" firefox addon, object of my previous mail, just because on another instance of Firefox, under another user name, the add_on was not existing.


              2) Some days ago, I noted that it was impossible to delete some folders I just created. I spent lot of time troubleshooting the issue, trying Grant Admin mode enhenced rights. No way to delete these folders nor move or even copy their contents.


              This morning, I noticed that all these peculiar folders had Mozilla at the first place in their name, i.e.:

              MozillaCacheView (x86), MozillaCacheView - (x86), MozillaCookiesView Cookies Manager Firefox (x86), MozillaHistoryView - for Firefox (x86),

              I disabled the block option et voila!


              What's strange is that Mozilla isn't detached of the other words composing the directory names and that sub-folders named "new folder", "new folder (2)", ... were protected by heritage. I also have to add that these folders are concerning Nirsoft utilities, not dealing in any way with Firefox program. The drawback is that I have no more eccess protection to firefox files.


              I'd appreciate that somebody may explain thiese behaviours and also provide a deeper explanation of the role of

              "IDSS_SS_NAME IDSS_SS_VERSION", not implemented in new instances or installations of Firefox.


              Thanks again in advance and best regards


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