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    McAfee anti theft not syncing, messing up my laptop, now expired and it is not getting fixed by tech support!!!


      I installed McAfee when I got my laptop in september 2013, after changing a setting through the web console it stopped syncing correctly with my  latoptop. I got hold of tech support and they messed around with my laptop remotely and then finally said they needed to speak to the research team. Scince then I have gone over to south africa and was unable to allow remote desktop connectivy due to lack of/poor internet for a while. Then a month ago I was able to do remote support and replied to a meesage from the support team so they could get hold of me. This took a while to hear back howerver I finally got a call and had a tier 2.5 work on my computer, and did all the checks that was done before only this time some logs were cllected, and I was told I may need a new motherboard!!! however they would speak to the research team and try get a workaround in a couple of days. Then I get an update a couple of days later only to be told that they have not heard from the research team and that I cannot get an estimated date to hear back from the research team.

      So I have now dealt with this annoying anti theft for around five months now. In the process of me trying to get it off my laptop is now not reading my new msata drive and the company I bought if from will not take it back untill I have updated the bois and checked if it works then, however I am unable to flash my bois thanks to the anti fheft. I really need a solution to this soon. Please can you tell me who I can speak too/what I can do to get this escalated higher and as a priority? As this has become ridiculous, my computer has been messed up by your software and now nobody can fix it.  I have been polite, extremely patient and understaning with everyone I have spoken to, however I now feel that this has just left me as less of a priority.




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