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    Epo Admin Passowrd

    Lee Pitcher

      Hi, I have just taken over a job in South of UK. For security reasons i have changed the Admin Domain Password and since i have done this i have got no access to my Epolicy web interface, i get the error message "the website declined to show you the webpage" most likely cause you need to log in.

      Fair enough! but it does not give me the option to log in? Where can i change this?!? All the services are running and all the SQL services are running but I have no Access to the Epo Web Interface at all!! PLEASE HELP!!


      I am running Epolicy Orchestrator 5.0

      SQL 2008


      Any help is much appreciated

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          Peter M

          Moved this from Community Interface Help to Business > ePO for better support, good luck.

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            Most likely the domain admin account is being used by ePO to log in to SQL - now that the password has changed, ePO can't access the database any more.

            You need to update ePO with the new password: on the ePO server, go to




            and log in with an ePO global admin's credentials. You will then be able to enter the new domain username and password: please make sure that you check that the credentials are correct by using the Test button before you click OK to confirm the changes. After you click OK you'll need to restart the three ePO services for the change to take effect.


            HTH -