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    ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.0 を 5.0若しくは5.1へアップグレードしたい。


      ePo4.0 を 5.0若しくは5.1へアップグレードしたいのですが、

       ・OSも変わる 2008R2以上 

       ・SQLServerも変わる SQLServer2008以上






      ②ePo5.1管理画面から、VSE8.8 が導入されているPC端末を探し


      ③ePo5.1管理画面から、見つけたVSE8.8 が導入されているPCの







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          Please excuse what is probably an atrocious auto-translation, but for the benefit of the group this seems to be the gist of the message in English (courtesy of Google translate):



          "I would like to upgrade to 5.1 or 5.0 ePo4.0,

          · 2008R2 over the OS also changes

          · SQLServer2008 more than SQLServer also changes

          I think because it is, and difficult to upgrade procedure McAfee offer.

          Do you have this fashion possible (function)?

          (New machine name, new IP address) introduced a new ePo5.1 in ①

          From ePo5.1 management screen ②, locate the PC terminal that has been introduced VSE8.8

          I want to manage.

          From ePo5.1 management screen ③, the PC has been introduced VSE8.8 you find

          Change to own ePo5.1 from where to download engine, the pattern file

          If you are experience, I am glad when you can opinion of detailed person."



          Fwiw this is going to need quite a few steps, I am sure others here have faced a similar experience but it may be simpler to just make a clean installation of ePO 5.1 using Sql 2008 unless you really need to preserve existing data.


          You would certainly need to go from ePO 4.0 to 4.6.6 to begin with.

          From 4.6.6 you can go to 5.1, but somewhere along the line after that you need to move OS and Sql too it seems.


          Please take a look at the McAfee Knowledge base, there are several useful articles hopefully also available in Japanese.

          Otherwise I strongly suggest you open a call with the McAfee Japan support team to see if they can assist.