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    McAfee total protection will not run because of dynamic IP address???


      McAfee Total Protection won't run/update/scan or anything because according to "upper level tech support" they require MS Internet Explorer to update/connect, and since I switched to satallite ISP last October my McAfee cannot connect at all. I use Dish Internet; I believe they actually use ViaSat, formerly WildBlue. Dish swears they have never heard of this problem with McAfee or any other AV typre software, says they cannot change how their service works because it requires a dynamic IP address. When I change LAN settings in Internet Explorer (and I was told to try Firefox etc, but McAfee says they require Internet Explorer so they give me no choice either!), they are instantly changed back to proxy settings when I try to connect. Dish swears they have never heard of such a problem, but it is because of McAfee not them. McAfee support basically said don't contact us back until your ISP fixes the problem. (I didn't bother to tell the "gentleman" if my ISP could fix it, I wouldn't need further help from McAfee.) This is the bottom line: "Pranav Vijay (18:53:02): It's a simple connection issue and ISP will resolve it immediately." Pranav either mislead me or he is ignorant of the facts himself. My ISP says they cannot change how they supply internet service, they require a dynamic address, and McAfee is the problem. Could someone please help me make this junk work, because McAfee also refuses to give me my money back when even though their software hasn't worked properly since I installed it!!! (One reason I have satellite service now is McAffe claimed dial-up was a problem! Now they blame their software's failure on satellite service!!!) Please could someone give me simple to understand steps on how to protect my computer with this steaming pile of McAfee?! Please help, and thank you!!!

      Edit: Some of my message was lost. I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, fully updated, if that helps. Thanks!



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      on 14/01/14 8:58:57 EST PM
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