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    Corrupt XP - Unable to recover files




      A laptop user has a corrupted XP install (BSOD, Page fault in non paged area, same with safe mode) and using the SafeTech CD, i can authenticate with the SBFS but when I try to either remove EEPC or use A43 file manager to browse files to pull off, I instantly get a BSOD. Basically it BSOD's everytime it reads off the drive even if i used command prompt and go to the drive.


      The drive is still encrypted and i've made a RAW image of it. is there anyway i can decrypt/pull files off it while it's in this image state? Alternatively, if the HDD is mounted in a caddy?

      -in a caddy, host PC see's the drive and paritions as RAW (as expected) since they're still encrypted.


      system: Dell E4300, Windows XP SP3, SB 5.2.5.