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    SVA peformance


      What kind of resource usage (CPU, RAM, RX/TX traffic) do you admins normally see with your MOVE SVA's? I've read several posts on here that indicate people are maxing out resources on the default 2vCPU/2gb RAM SVA's and so admins are increasing them to 4cpu/4gb ram. but looking at the performance graphs for my SVA's, they're averaging like 1.5% CPU usage and 150mb RAM usage. We've got 5 blades in a cluster, with ~50 VM's per host (call center VM's, VMware View Linked Clones, 2cpu/2gb ram), with the default 2vCPU/2GB ram on the move SVA's. according to the  Performance tab in vSphere Client, the move SVA's average like 1.5% of CPU and maybe 150mb of active ram usage. there are occasional spikes up to maybe 50% cpu but i can't say ive ever seen them use any significant resources for an extended period of time. based on what others have posted about their SVA resource usage, i'm wondering if we've got some issue and dont know it. everytime we try an EICAR file it gets detected/removed immediately so we believe everything is working fine. i do know we see MASSIVE traffic, both RX and TX to the SVA's, but even with 60mbps of RX traffic to a single SVA, we didnt see a significant resource spike. is there a correlation between network traffic and CPU usage? i would think so, but we aren't seeing it. we've got OAS for Agentless configured to do On Open and On Close scanning. EICARs get detected. etc. what are the normal things to check to see if something is wrong?