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    How to remove Linkbucks.com


      When i am opening browser it is being redirected to linkbuck.com

      please do guide me how to remove linkbuck redirect malware

      even in control panel i cannot see anything

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          Peter M

          Try running Malwarebytes Free from the download link in the last link in my signature below (under Free 3rd Party Tools).   To keep it free do NOT accept the Free Trial.   Just remember to update it every time you go to use it.


          That should get rid of it, but if not then follow the Hijackthis instructions further down that link to get expert free advice from dedicated malware removal experts.     (Better than paying for professional removal).


          Linkbucks is not really makware but it certainly acts like it.  There are browser add-ons available to block it specifically which you might want to research.