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    can't export EMM Portal Certificate Request.


      Hi All,


      i try to generate SSL cert on Windows by using OpenSSL for export the certificate response.


      Command :

      # genrsa -des3 -out www.teestepo.com.key 2048

      # req -new -key www.testepo.com.key -out www.testepo.com.csr

      # x509 -req -days 365 -in www.testepo.com.csr -signkey www.testepo.com.key  -out www.testepo.com.cer



      when i got the *.cer file for use, but can't export add pop-up the error in pic as attachment.


      what something worng with me? please give the way to solve this problem.


      Thank You All.


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