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    Network Trust Unhandled UI Error 403126940


      Have two computers on a home network.  In McAfee Total Protection Home Network Defense, the computers used to be trusted on each machine. Now they are not for some unknown reason.  When I attempt to trust and enter a password the first message said it cannot do so as 20 minute time limit was exceeded.  However, only a few seconds had passed.  On subsequent attempts, error message "Unhandled UI Error 403126940" keeps appearing on the first pc.  This is happening on just one of the pc's.  So tried  initiating the trust from the second pc but the same error message appears again on the first pc.  What do I need to do to get rid of the error message and have the two pcs trust each other on the Home Network screen?



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          Hi smoothieusa,


          Please provide the below information to proceed further..


          The Network connection  (Wired /Wireless)


          Network Type (Home / Work /Public)


          Shut down both the machines > Restart the Router > Turn On both the Machines and check if you are able to Trust the Network. You need to have the Network Type as Work / Public to trust.

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            Thanks for your reply.  One is wired, other is wireless.  Home Network.  The network type before was Home and the machines saw and trusted each other without being designated as Work or Public.  Will try your advice to restart everything.


            Thanks again and will post tomorrow how it turns out.

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              Hi smoothieusa,


              Just need a confirmation whether wired and wireless connections and made to the same Router. You might also try connecting both of them to wired or both wireless..!



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                Can you tell us what version of McAfee is running on both systems? You can get this from the "About" page in the UI. Thanks

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                  Have PC1 and PC2, both have McAfee Total Protection Security Center version 12.8  Not sure when it changed but thought both were version 11.6  (I have 11.6 written down last autumn).


                  Everything used to be fine and trusted with PC1 connected to Netgear wireless dual band router with ethernet cable while PC2 connected via Negear wireless USB adapter on N band.


                  There are 2 home networks with each having their own different SSID names through the same router, Network1 is a/b/g and Network2 is N band. 


                  Only PC1, never PC2,  shows error message Unhandled UI Error: 403126940.   Only PC1 displays the error message if I attempt to trust PC2, or if on PC2 I try to trust PC1 and enter the password then the error message still appears on PC1 not PC2. 


                  Tried Selvan's suggestion several times without success.  Shut down both machines and router.  Shutoff wireless on both PCs and connected ethernet cable from PC1 and PC2 to the router. Powered on router then PCs.  Same error message on PC1 just that now PC2 shows up twice on PC1 McAfee Home Network Defense, one for the wireless MAC address and once for the wired MAC although only wired shows up as connected and wireless is greyed out as it is not connected. 


                  Shut down  Power up again but this time with both PCs wireless on G band Network1.  Same error message on PC1 after entering password and clicking submit button.  Only difference is PC2 now shows up on PC1 Home Network Defense three times with wired, wireless N band, and wireless G band with distinctive MAC addresses but just one shows as connected which is fine.  Shut down power up again. Tried PC1 wireless on G band Network1 and PC2 on N band Network2.  Error message says something like "Invite Not Sent as PCs on different networks. ".


                  Shut down, power up. Went back to original configuration PC1 wired to router and PC2 connected wireless on N band with Network2 SSID.  Error message: 403126940


                  The two PCs trusted each other before on my home network as the name McAfee Home Network Defense implies.  I do not know how to designate my home network as Work or Public (and it is neither) as Selvin suggested; other than when first setting up.  What is error 403126940 and how do I get rid of it and get my two PCs to trust each other again?


                  Thank you.

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                    Hello smoothieusa,


                    This is definately a problem.  We will start investigating this defect shortly.  If you are ok with it - we may reach out to you to try to get some logs in order to diagnose the issue.


                    Thanks for reporting this.  We will get it cleaned up as quickly as we can.



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                      Yes you can reach out to me.  I am guessing you already have access to my email address in McAfee's database.  What do I need to do to copy the logs and submit them to McAfee?



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                        We will reach out via private message shortly.  Thanks for volunteering to help!

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                          Hi Mark,


                          Haven't heard from McAfee.  When can the message mentioned in your response above be expected?



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