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    McAfee Re-Branding its name to Intel Security, (Concerned)


      Hi guys,


      Im a bit conecerned here because we have to use McAfee AV  as our standard approved AV solution.

      Since the name will change from McAfee to Intel Security, will this affect McAfee AV products which are currently installed on PCs?

      How will this re-branding affect AV definition updates, protection and all that those things?


      So in other words, will this change be affecting the software side of things as well or only the name brand will change?


      Wehave to use an approved AV product and that would be McAfee. But a bit concerned of how it will actually affect the software updates and all sorts of those things.


      Please shed some light on this - thanks

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          It's a rebranding from all we've been told so far.   So things will simply change their name over time, but I doubt any interaction will be required.  However, details are scant  as of this moment so I would just keep eyes on the media and the website(s) for updates.


          It's a bit early to really be sure of what will happen but I am sure all customers will be given ample notice of any major changes.

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            Will the great help and advice still be there?




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              I would imagine nothing much will change.   URL's of pages may change of course but basically the underlying products and support channels will all be the same.   Of course I can't guarantee that.  There'll be annoucements coming I am sure.

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                If this is the first discussion on this topic in the these community forums, it would be a very wise decision for management at the highest levels to designate a company representative to address any concerns raised by customers in this thread.  No offence meant to the Moderation Team here, but I mean a company employee.  I don't believe the moderators are employees.


                If it's not the first thread, I wouldn't mind seeing a link to the other threads, but I would still advocate that a management representative be responding to concerns in the other thread.


                Now, the business of first, second, third threads, etc. is a matter of forum management and possibly all threads will be allowed to run their course, but my experience in such matters like this is that company management will focus on the first thread.


                Regardless of how forum management handles this business of how many threads there will be on the topic, the topic itself is one that many customers will have many concerns about, and the manner in which upper-level management responds in these foums will be a good indication to many how this whole rebranding operation is going to fare and, most importantly, whether to stay with the new brand, or move on.  This is a tough market and it does not take much to get left behind.

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                  Indeed agree on GEOMG, very much so.


                  Suggest if moderators include a separate  Mcafee support thread on this designated with FAQs regarding the re-branding situation.

                  Yes, we would be all concerned here, because most of us as a matter of fact run a business in which we ***MUST*** use McAfee/Intel products.


                  And we have yet many questions and concerns on this.


                  Know it is too early, and things may change. But still would be nice.


                  All we are asking for  is like FAQ section on the re-branding. Thats all. I think we need to add this rather than having us create multiple threads asking this.







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                    Three things are being discussed here, and each probably deserves a thread all to itself.


                    First, this is the first thread I've seen in the non-Business section about the coming changes. But it's not the first time the changes have been discussed by the Moderators between themselves. We had no advance warning of the Intel announcement, but I picked it up soon after it was made and passed the news on to the others. (For some reason McAfee seem to prefer to use the company's Facebook page as a channel for product and company announcements that affect users of their Consumer products. Tough for those of us who don't live their lives glued to Bookface).


                    The information we have is exactly what you have. Knowing a little of the company and its workings we can read between the lines to some extent, but it doesn't help much in this case. Any information that McAfee releases will certainly be directed at its Enterprise and Business customers, so that's the area to watch. Any FAQ that is released will probably be found in the Business section, so I'll be keeping an eye out for anything that appears there.


                    (fwiw, the McAfee Business home  page has a big splash announcement with a link that takes you to Intel's press release. Search hard among the many items in that press release and you'll find a throwaway sentence some way down form the top that simply says :

                    • He unveiled the Intel Security brand, which will be used to identify all Intel security products and services, and said that McAfee products will transition to the Intel Security brand over time.


                    I think that shows where McAfee fits in the overall Intel scheme of things. A big deal for McAfee is not such a big deal for Intel.


                    Whether or not there will be someone from McAfee joining in the thread in an official capacity I have no idea, although if there is a ruckus about the changes in the Business sections that's probably where they'll focus their attention. Someone (I have a name or two in mind) will probably monitor the thread but stay out of it unless it starts getting heated. You may find that you get a response from a McAfee staffer more readily on the Facebook page, but he/she isn't going to be a high-level employee. A pity that probably no-one from Intel will drop by to offer any reassurance.


                    Personally I think it one of the major failings of large corporations that senior-level management - and I include the CEO and the board of directors - almost never look at the postings on their company's forums. It would of course shake them out of their complacency, but they might learn a few things about how their organisations are perceived by the people they depend on to buy the product and pay for their comfortable lifestyle. Perhaps the only person I can think of who would ever have done that would have been Steve Jobs ...


                    But I digress. On to the second point.


                    One of the points I raised in my email to the other Mods was how the Intel re-branding would affect the McAfee "Community" (ghastly term. It's a forum, and always will be). Intel has its own Community, built around the same software platform as this site (we use Jive), but being Intel it's all hardware-oriented. No problem, you might think, McAfee is software, keep it separate. Except that's not Intel's thinking. What they're pursuing is security-on-a-chip, protection embedded within the machine at the lowest possible level to make bootkits and rootkits a thing a the past, with anti-malware code that can't be blocked or by-passed by the latest clever piece of malware (unless of course it comes from the NSA ). That raises some interesting questions about where to locate any forum that deals with issues arising from the use of that new-generation low-level product. I doubt that we here would have a clue how to respond to any query about the next-generation products without going on training courses to educate us in the products and their implementations. Since we are geographically scattered I doubt if McAfee would pay for us all to go to California to be trained up


                    We haven't received any inkling of what will happen to this Community/forum. Which isn't to say we're not asking, kind of urgently. My bet is that it will continue as-is for at least another two or three years while various departments haggle over the re-structuring. This feedback place is not the first priority for anyone wanting to rebuild or restructure McAfee.


                    And the third point is the question about the existing McAfee products and whether there will be any sudden changes : I would say No. The major changes will be introduced gradually, and not yet. The re-naming is the easy bit, and even that's going to tie Marketing up in knots for months (Good. They deserve it). The really important changes will come when Intel has finished its work on McAfee-on-a-chip, and that isn't quite ready yet.


                    Have I missed anything? Let me know if I have. I'm glad to see by the way that other people out there are thinking seriously about how McAfee and Intel inter-relate, and where things are going in the anti-malware world. And if the Intel CEO wants to drop by for an online chat (and so prove me wrong about Those Who Live In Ivory Towers), I hope we're all polite to him and make him welcome.

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                      Firstly, I erred in not noticing the "More Like This" list and I poked through two of those, but the questions and comments were not of a technical type as asked by the OP here, which makes this a bit more substantive, if I may be permitted to opine.


                      And that list might not include the other communities.  Does it somebody?  Does the "More Like This" list include threads from like the Business Community, or those others we see listed on the landing page?


                      Secondly, that idea about a FAQ page from anvin0001 is a very good idea and I'll second that motion.  Although it may take some time to populate the list of questions.  I think the OP has offered a couple right here in this thread that should go on the list.


                      Thirdly, is there anything in this thread that the Moderation Team sees as worthy of being included in that weekly thingy?  I'm sorry, I forgot what the weekly thing is called, but you Mod Squad folks are able to elevate some items from the forum up a tad to some sort of company employees, yes?


                      EDIT:  Well, I see a Mod Squad post got squeezed in before mine.  It wasn't there when I started, but I think I'll leave mine as is, if that's okay.


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                        Yes, there's a post in the Business section but it says nothing substantive, just includes a couple of digs at John McAfee (late of this parish).


                        I don't know if the announcement from Intel caught the McAfee people unawares, but I rather think it did. Hence the otherwise strange lack of official McAfee response.


                        And yes, there's a question down for the next conference call on Monday, although if they're all in the dark we won't learn much. Still waiting for California to open its bleary eyes and for the Intel CEO to pick up my invitation and respond ...

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                          Okay, I see you answered a fair number of questions that have been raised.  Thank you.  I'll leave my previous post, if that's okay.


                          This post, though, is because of a very significant point made:


                          What they're pursuing is security-on-a-chip, protection embedded within the machine at the lowest possible level to make bootkits and rootkits a thing a the past, with anti-malware code that can't be blocked or by-passed by the latest clever piece of malware ...



                          Now that is quite a statement.  I confess to reading anything like that for the first time.


                          Is it possible, Hayton, you might post any links you may know of to a place to study that idea.  Thank you.


                          EDIT:  Apologies for my timing, as I see you got in another post just before mine.  And I seem to be getting worse at catching my stupid spelling mistakes before I hit submit.


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