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    EEPC 5.2.12 on Windows 7 OEM


      Windows 7 OEM (out of the box) has the OEM partition, Recovery partition and primary partition.  The primary has a drive letter, the recovery partition can be given a drive letter and the OEM partition cannot be given a drive letter.  EEPC will only encrypt partition with letters.  So now we have the OEM partition that's unencrypted.  Other than rebuilding the machine from scratch, is there any way to encrypt the OEM partition to make it true whole disk encryption.  If the rest of the machine is encrypted, can someone hack the encrypted drives from the unencrypted OEM partition? 

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          if you give the OEM partition a letter, EEPC will encrypt it - are you sure it's an OEM partition, and not the UEFI partiton?


          No, the encrypted drive can't be hacked from the OEM drive.

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            In disk management, it is labeled OEM partition.  I can right click on the recovery partition to add a letter, but all I get when I right click on the OEM partition, is the Help option.  It's a 39mb partition.  I even tried to delete it in Diskpart.  I also tried assigning it a letter in Diskpart.  Neither worked.  So just to confirm, If I encrypt a machine with an OEM partition, everything is encrypted but the OEM partition.  The encrypt drives cannot be accessed even though the OEM partition is not encrypted?  Thanks

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              it will encrypt the partition ranges of the drives you elect. Nothing else.


              No, it's not possible to get to the data from another partition, or by slaving the drive etc. The only way in, is to login or use the keys stored in EEM.