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    Windows 7 Enterprise Prompting 2 Minute Warning Once Encryption Software Has Been Installed


      Specs are as follows:


      Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 server with SP1

      ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1

      DE 7.1

      Test laptops are Dell E4300 Latitude laptops with Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1

      Laptops use our standard image


      I have been able to reproduce 6 times now the following: 


      Add the laptop to my EPO 5.1 server

      Push McAfee Agent 4.8 to my laptop

      Add a user account

      Run a task to push the encryption agent and encryption software

      Once that task is done, I get a reboot prompt from the McAfee software

      After the reboot, I get back to my desktop and open the status window for the McAfee client

      As soon as I see the the C drive shows Decrypted, I see the dialog box from windows stating that Windows is scheduled to shutdown


      We have no policies or GPOs in place within our domain to auto-shutdown or logoff a client computer. I also have not set any login hours within my policy for the user account on my EPO server. I believe that something within the encryption product is causing this behavior. I am unable to put my finger on what this might be. Has anyone else noticed this behavior at all?


      I have seen something similar with EEPC 5.2.4 and 5.2.12 locking Windows once the encryption process begins.  It wasn't a show stopper, so I didn't really spend much time researching it.


      See the screenshots: