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    Epo 5.1.0 upgrade and EEPC 6.2 clients




      We need to upgrade our EPO environment to a new server.

      All laptops use EEPC 6.2 as disk encryption.

      Reading all documentation it is not possible to manage EEPC 6.2 clients with ePO 5.1. Is this correct? EEPC 6 (or EEPC 7.0.x) is not in the supported product list (http://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB79169).


      Do I need to follow the scenario as discussed in DE v7.1 FAQ: Upgrade to v7.1 ?


      Is it possible to epgrade to ePO 5.1 and migrate the EEPC systems at a later tim to EEPC 7.0.2 or DE 7.1.0?





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          1. only EEPC 7.1 can be installed on EPO 5.1

          2. EEPC 7.1 can manage all previous versions of EEPC



          So, you need to wait for EEPC7.1 to be available BEFORE you upgrade to EPO 5.1, if you intend to manage EEPC nodes within that EPO instance.

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            But you will have to have two versions in master repository: 7.02 nad 7.1.

            One for upgrade 6.2 > 7.0.2 and second for upgrade from 7.0.2 > 7.1.


            How about architecture changes and user data upgarde, will it really work with 6.2 clients?

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              This is the solution we will be using. Tests are successfull.

              We build a new epo server with the latest versions (old server was a Windows 2003 32 bit server, the new server is Windows 2012 R2).

              Transfer the systems from the old ePO server to the new ePO server.

              The laptops with EEPC 6.1 will be updated to MDE 7.1 by the upgrade tasks we defined for the laptops.


              So far all upgrades where successfull.




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                enigma :)

                Hi LFAH2000,


                I was wondering what was the upgrade tasks that you used to update your laptops with EEPC 6.1 to MDE 7.1? Can you give me an idea?


                We have:

                McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.3

                McAfee Agent 4.6

                McAfee EEPC 6.1.3


                We am planning to upgrade our ePO and EEPC to the latest version. Can you share us what to do first? Thanks!

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                  KB81538 is a detailed step by step guide to upgrade from your current version to MDE 7.1.

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                    Hi enigma,

                    We had to move our epo server to another server also and I think that made the upgrade more difficult.


                    I tried to follow the upgrade steps as jhall2 mentions but that was not possible in this case.

                    If it is possible, please try these first.


                    I moved the systems to a new ePO server with the latest software at that time (ePO 5.1.0, McAfee Agent 4.8.0 and MDE 7.1.0).

                    When connecting to the new ePO server, the systems will become in a gray state as the new ePO server does not know EEPC 6.1.3. When a user reboots the computer during this state he will not be able to login (The McAfee agent asks the user for a reboot).

                    I had all update / install tasks enabled on the new ePO server.



                    Frank Thomas.