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    McAfee won't uninstall on new Vaio


      I have a new Sony Vaio. I want to uninstall the trial McAfee.


      I've uninstalled the trial McAfee from the Control Panel


      Mcagent still runs and there appears to still be elements of McAfee on my computer.


      I've read lots of threads here and tried to run MCPR but it asks for an admin user name and password. I've entered mine (The only user on this system) but it doesn't work.


      I find it really offensive that this system embeds itself so much that it cannot be removed by a legitimate user. Can somebody tell me how to get this thing off my computer totally.

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          I would assume you have anti theft or family protection installed as a trial. MCPR does not  remove these. At least this my thought. Best to call support in your country and ask that they assist you as anti theft removal needs more than we volunteers to help.


          I have pinged a senior tech as well for his review.

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            Hi iangibson,


            We need to check if McAfee Anti Theft is enrolled on your machine. Please run the below ESU tool as an Administrator and post back the Result.


            The ESU tool can be downloaded from this link


            For more info on how to use this utility click on this link


            You will see an output like this..!



            Post back the Enrollment code to proceed further...!