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    Clients are out-of-date in SecurityCenter




      Just before Christmas holidays I found a problem with some of our company computers - antivirus on them was out-of-date and they can't be udpated, update process showed an error. Also in Security Center lots of computers had not-updated antiviruses. My own computer had the same problem.

      After NY, when I came back to work, I found that my antivirus is updated and it can do manual updates without any errors, but in Security Center my account and lots of other ones had "the last update dates" in September and October, which is very strange. I decided to wait a bit, maybe the information couldn't be updated immediately in Security Center. But in couple of days I still see the same problem - computers are up-to-date, but in Security Center they are out-of-date. Also strange that this issue happens with about 30% of computer accounts, not all of them.

      Also at least one computer can't be updated as well, and I want to fix Security Center first to see how many computers are really out-of-date and then check what's happened with them.


      Could you please help with this problem.


      Kind regards,

      Artem Tarasov.