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    Report what is installed


      How can I create a report that list all my clients and their software deployed? so I'll can see something like:    

      client1---Agent, VirusScan, DLP


      client3---Agent, VirusScan, DLP

      client4---Agent, DLP

      etc etc

      And with this information deploy the missing software

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          Create a table report that displays the following columns:


          A.- System Name

          B.- McAfee Agent (Product Version)

          B.- McAfee Viruscan (Product Version)

          C.- McAfee DLP(Product Version)


          you can then export it to csv, import it on excel, and separate with coma.


          if the product is not installed, the value of the field in the column will be blank.


          then in excel you can use filtering to filter out those that have X product installed, to see what you dont have installed.



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            Guram Tavkhelidze



            How can i create report or querie:


            system name                                  uRL                                how many web trafic used this user                      how many web trafic used this URL