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    Creating MS WinPE V3 iso - however files are missing in the EETech Win32 Folder


      I am following a McAfee EETech User Guide for EndPoint Encryption for PC7.0 Patch 1.  I am following the instructions which are similar to these here: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB77165


      However the section where I am to copy over the required files, right from the start I am missing a file.  I am needing to copy the MfeEEAlg.sys to the path C:\Winpe_x86\Mount\Windows\System32\Drivers\.   The MfeEEAlg.sys file is missing from my EETech folder.  I am also missing other files which simply appear to be fonts: CJK_Tahoma12.pbf, CJK_Tahoma8B.pbf, LatinASCII_Tahoma12B.pbf, LatinASCII_Tahoma18B.pbf and LatinASCII_Tahoma8B.pbf.



      I made teh iso image anyway, and as I figured the boot fails as it states a critical system driver is missing or corrupt and its referencing the MfeEEAlg.sys file.


      Where can I get these files?