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    Can ePo 4.6 force VSE 8.7i onto win2003


      (I've just taken over the admin position for the McAfee products we are currently running as the previous admin left for the Polar Vortex at the end of December.)


      We are running ePolicy Orchestrator 8.8 which has been installing VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 onto over 100 Windows Server 2003 systems as well as ~30 XP Systems & 10 Win 2008+Win7 systems.


      We've been experiencing "Out of Paged Pool Memory" errors on over 10% of the Win 2003 servers.  I've read in article KB74927 that  Patch 4 may address this issue, but it seems that patch may never materialize.  Of the two workarounds mentioned the best, in my estimation, will be to install VSE 8.7i onto those systems.

      So the question is:

      How can I, via ePO 8.8 implementation, cause VSE 8.7i to be installed onto new win svr 2003 installations as well as the 100+ past installations?


      Thank You In Advance for any possible solutions!




      I've started going through some of the tutorials etc and have disovered the "Client Task Catalog" & the "Master Repository".  I think I see how I can unistall VSE 8.8 but 8.7i is not on the list so I'm guessing I need to contact our purchaser to make it available?


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          Hi Windstream,


          For the error you're experiencing, contact McAfee support so they can give you a patch for your specific problem. to either download the installers or packages (for example VSE 8.7), you need to have a "grant number". such number will give you access both to downloads and support. you have to ask who bought the Suite of the products youre running, such person must have received the Proof of entitlement, which has the grant number.


          as for what you want to do to go to version 8.7, you have to create a task for uninstallation of VSE, and a task for installation of VSE 8.7 AFTER importing VSE 8.7 package into the master repository. once thats done, you run the desinstallation task on the 8.8 machines, and when you got them ready, run the 8.7 installation task.


          Hope it helps,



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            Thanks for the infor Chares.  When Patch 4 finally came out t automatically populated in the ePo over which I Admin & I was able to easily set to push!