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    Database keeps growing, need cleanup


      Our EPO database keeps growing, and i'm looking to see if i can cleanup some tables (mostly log records). I've enabled some purge server task within Epo 4.6.6, so many tables are cleaned now.

      But there is one table that draws my attention: dbo.EPOProductSettingValues.


      It has a rowcount of 32235, and i'm wondering (looking at the name of the table) if Epo really has 32-thousand different product settings....

      Is there a way to cleanup this table, and with which query?


      Also i found some other tables that seem very large. Is it possible to purge some records?

      Here a complete list of our large tables:




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          This is almost certainly normal. EPOProductSettingValues can have a very large rowcount - it contains every single setting for each product installed on every machine. Please do not, under any circumstances, try to modify this table.

          OUIs contains a list of vendor MAC addresses, and should essentially be static. We update the contents of this table occasionally but it should stay pretty much the same.

          EPOServerEvents contains details of things like pull tasks and replication tasks, as far as I know.


          HTH -