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    epo logging


      if my client cannot communicate with epo only one client how can i collect log file to debug it. which log i should see or if i need to escalate case to support what i should collect and send to them

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          Support will guide you through what might be needed from the client machine if you speak to them.

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            you can use "mer.exe". Run  it on your computer. Select criteria that you want. You can collect all the logs abouth your machine.

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              To make a diagnosis do the following from the client machine:


              A.- Ping the ePO server to see if it replies.

              B.- trace the ePO server to verify routing.

              C.- Validate trough telnet that your client/server ports respond on the ePO server, and from the server to see if the client responds.


              the agent log is the one called "agent_MACHINENETBIOSNAME.log"


              the agent update log is called "UPDATERUI_MACHINENETBIOSNAME.LOG"


              Depending on your OS, the location is different, most commonly inside the documents and settings user folder, inside either program data or local data.


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                If you couldn't find anything on log, one of the solution is uninstall epo and mcafee agent on your system and then install again. i can solve many problem with uninstall..

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                  With respect to the MER tool mentioned please read support article:

                  KB59385 - How to use MER tools with supported McAfee products