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    Possible virus dodge?


      So, recently during a private browsing session a webpage appeared saying that the government was goint to lock my computer if I didn't pay their fine. I quickly forced shut down my computer and started it back up to see if this was a legit thing. I found out that it's not, and that there were guides telling you how to get rid of it. Here's where my problem starts, so, I wrote down the steps needed to to do so (logged onto my computer in safe mode, ran task manager, and even tried to find the virus files in the registry.) but when I pull up task manager in either normal or safe mode, it doesn't appear. Also, my anti virus softwares aren't picking anything up. even my firewall. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is popping up about it. So...was it because I was in private browsing that I don't have it or was a incredibly lucky and doged a serious bullet? Perhaps I should wait and see what will happen in a day or so...(I  read elsewhere that the virus could lock your computer in about 24-72 hours.)


      I'm on windows 8 by the way, and this is the guide I used. http://http://guides.yoosecurity.com/how-remove-fbi-moneypak-virus-malware-that- blocked-pc-asks-for-payment-100-dollars/


      Since I'm new to this, I would love it if you were to simply your explanation as much as possible.  And I would really love it if a windows 8 user could give me some tips, as I didn't find many guides that I could easily understand for this situation. either way, any help is welcome/needed.


      thank you

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          The thing to do when you see 1 of these is to end task the browser or close the PC down without touching the popup. Clicking on the X top right of the popup window installs it as well as choosing Ok etc does. Download and run stinger from

          McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools



          and from ex_brit another mod

          Btw here's the ultimate removal guide for FBI Moneypak:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-fbi-monkeypak-ransomware but as there are new variants all the time you may wish to explore that board for more.


          They are probably one of the best malware removal sites on the web.


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            wait, so I should have messed around with the pop up? I didn't I do anything but forced my computer to shut down. Didn't click on anything.

            (sorry, but you weren't exactly clear about what to do when the page popped up. it actually sounded like you wanted me to click around on the page before I shut it down, even though you said that doing so would install it...)


            anyway, now before trying any of that, i've thought about formatting my hard drive. (since I don't have many files on my computer right now I won't mind it.) do you think that will work?


            EDIT: Also, I forgot to add that I'm not seeing one of those lock screens. as I've waited at least a day.


            I also ran stinger and it didn't find anything either.


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              No I said do not click on the X top right of the box best to end task the browser in task manager. I have reworded the post a tad to say it better.

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                ok, figured that's what you meant, just wanted to make sure. anyway, I clicked on absolutely nothing, I just forced  it to shut down, my computer. It's been two days already and I'm still not seeing a lock screen, which is good. I also ran stinger again and it didn't find anything. So, do you think I'm in the clear?

                Or should I download Hitman Pro just in case? I'm still a bit on edge, even though my anti-viral wares are up to date...


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                  If you just shut down that should be fine. You can run hitman pro if you wish i did but I did click on the X stupidly.

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                    Alright, thanks for your help.