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    Dynamic "watchlist" from external sourced csv file



         I'm curious to know if there is a way with Mcafee ESM to have it automatically consume a remote file (hosted on http or ftp) that is a csv file for input so that the values can be used to search for the values within?  And as a noob, which specific module of ESM can do this?  The Watchlist feature might be able to but I see no way to provide a remote source location such as HTTP.  It seems to be assuming that the content is already in the system - which will never be the case for my situation.


      I'm so new to this I don't know what i don't know and can't find, so any help is appreciated.


      Example:  A dynamic list of IP addresses of interest, along with perhaps a country code like such.  (please don't explain how GTI can do this already this is just an example)



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