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    Virus Scan won't install




      I had to do the terrible thing and reformat my old laptop (Windows Vista) back to factory settings.

      Now since that, I've been able to reinstall McAfee Total Protection 2013, but comes up saying that "Failed: Virus Scan"

      So I opened Total Protection, went to features, tried to install it from there, to absolutely no avail...


      So now I come to you for advice, How can I reinstall McAfee Total Protection 2013 on that laptop? It has a valid license, so can't be that.

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          Hi tacilee,


          If the VirusScan alone fails then there might be traces of other AV products in your machine. Since you said that you Restored Factory settings Is there any AntiVirus other than MCAfee that came Pre-installed on your Laptop?


          on 1/6/14 1:24:31 PM CST
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            None whatsoever that I know of. Just seems really odd that it's Virus Scan alone that fails to install. :/

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              Hi traciiee,


              Try the below steps and update the outcome.


              Boot Windows into Safemode with Networking  >Restart Machine and Continuously Tap F8 at Laptop Manufacturer logo > Highlight Safe mode with Networking and hit Enter


              Disable Access Protection in McAfee by Opening user Interface > Navigation > General Settings and Alerts > Access Protection > Uncheck checkbox and Click Apply


              Close and Re-open McAfee User Interface Click on Add Virus Scan Protection > wait for it to Download and Install


              Re-enable Access Protection after trying these steps..!



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                Tried all of that to absolutely no avail. It's driving me mad!!

                Any other ideas before I just recycle the laptop, as it's seemingly deemed as useless if I can't keep it safe.

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                  Hi traciiee,


                  Before calling support here's one last thing you can try.


                  Open command prompt as an Administrator and type the following command "net user administrator /active:yes" and hit enter


                  After the command completes successfully restart the computer to see newly created Administrator  account at Logon Screen.


                  Open Admin account and retry the Installation following the steps in my above post.

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                    Hey, thanks for all of your help and advice!


                    I did email McAfee for some assistance, and they responded with these following steps:


                    Step 1: Un-install conflicting third party security software; if any.

                    If you have any third party security software like Norton, AVG, and Spy sweeper, Symantec live update etc. installed in your computer, please uninstall it. If any such programs are present, it can cause incompatibility with McAfee product.

                    Step 2: Windows Update

                    Since McAfee is working on the Windows platform, McAfee will not work if there is an issue with Windows.

                    Update windows Operating System: To update your Operating System please go to http://update.microsoft.com/

                    Step 3.Internet options

                    Open Internet explorer => click on Tools=> select Internet Options=> click Connections=>  LAN settings and uncheck Proxy server

                    Open Internet explorer =>Tools=>Internet Options=>Advanced=>Naviguate to the Security Tab=>uncheck all the options exept SSL and TLS

                    Delete all cookies:

                    Internet explorer  =>Tools=>Internet Options=> Delete all cookies; temp files; history

                    Step 4: Uninstall your McAfee products using Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) in the Windows Control Panel only if you had McAfee before and then run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool:

                    1.Double click on My Computer.

                    2.Double click on the Control Panel.

                    3.Double click on Add/Remove Programs. (In Windows Vista and 7, this option will be ‘Programs and features’)

                    4.Check for any McAfee Anti Virus program (Total Protection, Security Center, Virus Scan Plus, Internet Security Suite etc ).

                    5.If you find any McAfee Anti Virus program; click on 'remove' or 'uninstall' to uninstall it from the computer.

                    6.When prompted, check the box beside programs associated with your McAfee Anti Virus package.

                    7.Click Remove and allow the wizard to complete.

                    8.Restart your computer.

                    Click on the below link and run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool. Running this tool will wipe out all the traces of McAfee components from your computer. (Even if you are unable to remove McAfee from installed applications).


                    Step 5: Create a new user account:

                    1. Click on the start menu

                    2. Click on “Control panel”

                    3. Click on “User accounts”

                    4. Click on “Manage another account”

                    5. Create a “New user account”

                    6. Choose a name and check “Administrator”

                    7.Restart the computer and choose the new account

                    Step 6:  Run McPreInstall tool

                    Run this tool to automatically remove the temp files and cookies from your computer which may block the installation.

                    Please click this link http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe and you will get a pop-up. Please click “Run”.  You will get a new window. Please click “Start”.

                    Step 7: Please follow the below steps to download and install McAfee program.

                    1.Close all open windows.

                    2.Please go to http://uk.mcafee.com

                    3.Click on “My Account”.

                    4.Enter the E-mail address and password you originally registered with McAfee and click on “Log In”.

                    • If you have forgotten the password, please click on “Forgot Your Password?” option and enter the necessary details. The password will be sent to your E-mail.

                    5.Under Device Protection, click the Download button beside the product you want to install.

                    6.Select the radio button beside the product you want to install and click Continue.

                    7.Read the McAfee End User License Agreement (EULA) and click I Agree to accept the terms and continue to the download and Installation.

                    8.Follow the on-screen instructions to install and configure your McAfee software. twice.

                    I hope all your questions are answered effectively. If not, feel free to contact support again. Please include all previous correspondence, while replying.

                    Please run the McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) and check whether your issue has been resolved or not. If not please mention the MVT ID number in your next interaction.

                    The link for the MVT is http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/mvtapp.exe


                    So maybe, these steps can be passed on to others who have experienced issues like I have!


                    Thanks once again!!