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    DLP Upgrade from v9.2 to v9.3




      Anyone upgraded their DLP version? I was looking for the DLP9.3 extension on our product download but not found.


      And also, I want to test DLP9.3 before fully implementing on out environment. Is there any way I can test this on certain client machines?


      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Romardy



          When you manage to get a hold of the software check the software in to ePO in evaluation mode.



          I would test this evaluation by using a "Tag" though other people will have different ways



          Go to "Tag Catalog" and create a new tag called "Deploy DLP 9.3" and click next till done.



          Then go to Client Task Catalog and create new task called "Deploy DLP 9.3" and  from the drop down list select "McAfee Data Loss Prevention 9.3.X.XXX" > action:Install > Branch:Evaluation and then click Save



          You now need to create a "Client Task Assignment" call it DLP 9.3



          Product = Mcafee Agent   Task Type= Product Deployment  Task name= Deploy DLP 9.3



          Below this you have a section called "Tags"



          Highlight the "Send this Task to only computers which have the following criteria"



          From "Has any of these tags" Click "Edit" and select your "Deploy DLP 9.3" tag then Next



          scheduled status: Enabled



          scheduled type: Run Immediately then next and save



          Now go to your system tree > select your test machine and go to Actions > Tag > Apply Tag and then select your Deploy DLP 9.3 Tag.



          After this has been completed wake the agent up





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            How about the policy? I will do test deployment (DLP9.3) on several systems while other will still runs the previous version (9.2).

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              Just use your existing policies and tag a couple of machines with 9.3

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                Never test in your production environment. Setup a test environment and evaluate the product there. DLPe 9.3 Patch 1 is available in the downloads site. Check whether you are using the correct Grant ID to login.