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    What happen to the "Search" functionality that was in MVM 7.0?


      We recently just upgraded to MVM 7.5 and it doesn't appear that you can search for an IP, banner, vuln, etc any longer.....


      In 7.0 you could very quickly go search a given IP, hostname, etc. then click on it and it would display the last time that host was scanned, all open ports/active services, and any vulnerabilities present. You could also flip it and search for specific banners, vulnerabilities, or even OS type and it would return all of the devices that met your search criteria. This was a very quick way to perform ad-hoc research on specific hosts or vulnerabilities.


      Does anyone know if this functionality exists within the updated 7.5 GUI without having to create a report or query the database directly?


      Note: I see where you can search for a particular asset (Manage > Assets > Click the Asset Search icon), but this doesn't tell me anything about what services or vulnerabilities are present.

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          You are correct the page you are looking for moved into the assets area. If you search for the asset you are interested in and then Right click > Asset Details. You should see a very familiar screen from 7.0.

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            It's similiar but it doesn't show the important information... The vulnerabilities present and the open ports/services is what I'm after. I would think this would be the first thing people would want to see on the Dashboard (e.g. the ability to query anything in the database).


            Having to create a report everytime you want to research vulnerabilities or services within your environment is rediculous in my opinion. And we have Risk Advisor (would require me to log into ePO though) but don't even get me started with it. Sorry for the negative comments, but the search functionality seems like a no brainer to me. I'm a little shocked it was completely  removed from the 7.5 version.


            Surely I'm not the only one that used that funcitonality.... anyone, help me out here.