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      Is it just me who is totally disillusioned with the renewal process?


      I get a renewal reminder (in $ - haven't even bothered to check the country!) and when I convert it it comes out as £33 which seems reasonable when the UK site has Total Security listed as £64. However, I never accept the price I'm quoted without shopping around and what did I find - £24.99 (1/3 cheaper) which is a little annoying but what really annoyed was that it was on another part of their UK site (plus £8 if you wanted the disk)!


      So I thought, sod the renewal, I'll just buy a new copy and then I noticed in the EULA, that Automatic Renewal was set (no obvious way of not having it)  so they've lost a direct customer - aim seems to be not to satisfy the customers but but screw as much money out of them as possible. I should have known better - the same thing happened last year and they apologised and gave me the update at the cheaper price.


      Couldn't be bothered this year - new version from Amazon for £25, including CD.  The only reason I'm getting it is because the laptop's not up to running the security on my desktop so it will do until I upgrade then it's toast!