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    McAfee Internet Security uninstall issues



      I tried to search for an answer but did not see a post on it. Forgive me if this has been asked.


      I have desktop that runs windows 8. (Asus)


      I did not purchase McAfee. Perhaps it came with the pc.


      Anyway, I use Norton.


      Everything was smooth sailing for months (August) and today I have an alert there is conflicting securities. I do see McAfee was installed in July. I bought this in August.


      When I click on the McAfee to uninstall it gives me a small screen saying "Navigation to webpage canceled"


      So I tried to open Norton and it will only open a few things.


      McAfee wont uninstall.



      Can someone help?


      Thank you

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          Hi midgefrank,

                        As you stated you had recieved a Prompt saying "You had conflicting securities" This is a prime example of what can occur when one has (2) Anti-Virus applications with (RTS) Modules running simualtaneously. Especially being both McAfee and Norton (Symantec).


                         You say that you noticed that McAfee came "Pre-installed" (July)? I can only assume that you installed (Norton) on top of (McAfee)...which in itself astonishes me that you were even capable of doing so?

          If indeed that is the case. I am equally amazed that you have yet to experience difficulties for this period of time (August-January).


                          It is quite possible that ( Both) Security apps have become corrupted. Hence leaving your system

          vulnerable to exploitations-vulnerabilities.  Being that I am only a "McAfee Consumer", and not a "Moderator", or "McAfee Technician". I am certain if you monitor your post, that they will provide solutions to your issues.


                           It may be necessary for you to remove (Norton) initially from your "Programs/Features" (1st) Restart. Then follow up by removing it with the "Norton Removal Tool" due to any traces-remnants possibly left over/ Restart.


                          Upon doing this, attempt to remove McAfee as well from your "Programs/Features"/ restart.

          Then follow up by Downloading the latest (MCPR) Tool which can be found at the top of this page, under useful links. (Save) it to your Desktop and close all open programs and install/ run this tool/ restart.


                         It should stipulate that "Clean-up Successful"


                     Following removal of both Apps, I would run one of the free Tools listed under (Ex_Brits) signature..preferably (Malwarebytes) Free Version only. To make certain you have not been infected due to the confliction between McAfee-Norton.


                          Then of course, you have the perogative of which program to (Reinstall). As you can imagine...I would prefer McAfee to protect my system. I am certain that a Moderator will pick up this post, and guide you accordingly as to resolve your issues.


                           I hope that in some small way this helps. It is most important that before you re-install either application, that you are (Current) and up to date on all of your Windows Updates...to include Internet Explorer (11).  It is imperative that you are, for Windows, McAfee, and to include Norton relies heavily on it to be, in order to function properly.




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            What catdaddy suggested covers all what I would have suggested to try first. If you still have an issue post back and we or a tech will help you. I too am surprised it all worked (if it did ) for so long without clashing and having issues.


            scanning options

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              Thank you for your help. I am good to go. A friend came over and manaaged to get it all square.


              Appreciate the prompt reply.


              Take care all



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                Hi midgefrank,

                             You are perfectly welcome, glad that you are okay now.

                You can be self-assured that the Moderators (will) do all they can to assist you, should you feel the need arises. To include members of the McAfee staff as well.....


                              If you feel that your Question is "Assumed Answered", please let the mods know. As they can mark it as such.