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    Downgrade ePO

      So, a client installed a new ePO on 5.1, got clients on it with VSE then tried to put on DLP & Encryption - that ended in 'not compatible' failures.


      Is there a downgrade path to ePO 5.0 or is this a total reinstall?

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          McAfee support article: KB79169 - ePO 5.1 supported products is regularly updated with the current status of product requirements for ePO 5.1.

          Please take a look at that before taking further action.



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            Yes, we had seen this & the versions we have are compatible, supposedly & according to that, but as they don't work we are going to do a downgrade, if we can - this question was - Is a downgrade possible from 5.1 to 5.0 & if so, how. If we could get that answer it would be helpful as we have already checked the fundamentals.

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              Downgrade is not possible i'm afraid. You can only upgrade or 'new' install.

              If you had a disaster recovery set from ePO 5.0 you could rebuild to that though.