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    VSE 8.8 Scheduled Daily Memory Scans?


      Since I do not use my PC most of the time during the day, just when I need to research, browse the net, opening my emails, then is a scheduled daily memory scan really neccessary in that case?

      I do use my PC, but it is not on all day. And I keep it turned off when I do not use it.


      Or, should I just shcedule a daily scan anyways just to be on the safe side?


      Also, should I check RUN IF MISSED checkbox as well or should I leave that blank?



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          You should perform this scan for ALL machines once per day under normal circumstances. There is never a time when you don't do this. (During Outbreaks we increase this to once per hour if we're trying to erradicate a pesky virus.)


          I would recommend that you run this with settings like "Every day at Noon -and- Run Missed Task" that way you always get it. Also, if you are only scanning memory then this scan takes about 30 seconds on a PC built in the last 3-4 years. Since it isn't touching any disk, it will have no discernable impact.

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            How do these look?

            Is this good enough?

            I left the Scan to include Subfolders and Boot Sectors to be really on the safe side.  And there selected anyways by default. So I guess its OK to leave them checked.






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