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    Download ePO 4.6.6




               How to get  ePO 4.6.6 software, I'm planning to upgrade 4.6.1 to 4.6.6.




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          Hi Vic_1992



          EPO 4.6.6 package to download,


          Please follow the steps as below.

          Open the download link: https://secure.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/my-products/login.aspx?region=us

          >> Type your active grant number and click on submit Click on McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite Click on "ePolicyOrchestrator v4.6.0"

          >> under Management Solutions Click on I agree..

          >> Download the file "EPO466L.zip" andthe size is 339274 KB, released on March 26th 2013...


          For upgrade process.


          Before performing any EPO upgrade, please follow thesteps as below.

          1) EPO DB and EPO folder backup ( For specificc folderbackup follow the KB66616 with Backing up column instructions).


          2) Follow the KB71825 EPO checklist, before any 4.xupgrade process


          3) Then extract the epo466L.zip to a folder on EPO serverand run the setup to get upgrade the EPO.


          Once the Upgrade is successful, please observe for oneday to confirm everything is working before moving to EPO 5.0.1.


          Note: Please make a note, again backup process is veryimportant before upgrade to 5.0.1.


          The minimum requirement to upgrade epo 5.0.1.

          1) Windows 2008 R2 64bit or later operating system

          2) SQL 2008 R2 or later

          3) EPO 4.6.4 or later


          Once you confirm, the minimum requirement is meet, thenyou can do the in-place upgrade for EPO 5.0.1.


          I hope, this answered your queries.





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            Hi rgc,


                How to get McAfee Grant Number. In our organization we are using 4.6.1 and i don't know the grant number. Is there any way to find it??




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              Hi Vicky,


              you have to get a hold on whoever bought the suite of the products youre running. the person who bought it has a Proof of entitlement document or a purchase order which has the account number and grant number on the upper left corner. such number will give you access to both downloads and support.

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