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    Trying to register my Live Safe.


      Hello folks.


            I'm new here, and have joined because I'm having problems registering my Live Safe. I purchased it from a well known computer store, but when I tried installing it on my Mac, I discovered it requires OSX 10.7 (Lion) to run, but I only had 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)! So, I purchased and installed the updated operating system, which took a couple of days. When I came to try installing Live Safe again, it worked - HURRAH! But, when it asked me for the Serial Number, the e-mail I'd received with the number had vanished from my computer (?!!?) Sooooo... I've been trying to contact McAfee customer support, and am having VERY little success. I got as far as entering live chat, but got a message telling me I needed to install a Java plug in for it to work! So, I've done that and, guess what? It needs OSX 10.7.3 to work!!!!   ARGGGGHHH!!!!  This is THE most frustrating process I've been through in a VERY long time! WHY oh why do they not just put an e-mail address on the Customer Support page? (I've looked everywhere, and I can't find one!!) It's as if they don't really want to be bothered dealing with actual customers at all! I'll be more than a little hacked-off if, having bought the Live Safe, I'm unable to use it coz the time limit on registration has expired! Anybody got any ideas?

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          Peter M

          Try phoning them.  It's toll-free and available 24/7:  0800 028 7581


          They can, if necessary, also connect you with Technical Support.


          Never use the email option if it's there because it takes forever that way.


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            Hi 55bloke,

                       As I am uncertain of the country you are from, I can only inform you that the (US) contact phone number for "Customer Service-Technical Service" is 1-866-622-3911. 24/7 and it is a free call. Please know that being a Loyal McAfee Consumer for over the last (8) years and more.


                         I have been more than satisfied with my "Support Experience". In addition, if you feel that your issues

            need further assistance, you can request (Escalation) to a higher Tier Tech. I might add that we are fortunate enough to have not only our very capable-knowledgeable Moderators monitoring this Forum, yet have a (Tier Tech 2.5 McAfee) that patrols the Forum as well.


                           I am certain that someone will respond to your issues.....


            See?   As I was making my post, one of the most loyal and knowledgeable Moderators responded ! 





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              Hi 55bloke,


              I need to clarify few things..!


              1) Are you speaking about the Product key or the serial number that you receive from McAfee Download page..?

              2) Whether the Livesafe product is Activated using an Email?

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                Hi 55bloke,


                I see from the records that the product is activted successfully. Just download the installer from Online account and note down the serial at the download page. Let me know if you still receive same error message.



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                  Many thanks for all the replies guys. Especially Selvan - thanks to your help, I have succeeded!! YAY!!

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                    Peter M

                    Glad you are OK.  ;-)