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    Help - My Computer is infected!

      Despite using McAfee Suecurity Center, and having it fully updated at all times, I got a bad infection on the morning of Dec 23. Despite 3 complete virus scans, VirusScan has failed completely to remove it. I did get about a half dozen popups on the following day, but the problem remains and is getting worse.

      In the meantime I made efforts to remove the malware myself. My 3rd party program "Startup" shows 3 alien applications called simply "980f3d48", "CPM9b3c0ed4" and "gajikagabu". I cannot disable any of these, If I try, it comes right back.Each of these use a DLL. If you delete the .DLL, it immediately comes back under a different name. Even removing these from the Registry is fruitless; they come right back. It is diabolically clever!

      To help someone identify the malware, here are some of the .DLL names that I have seen:


      Can anyone identify this threat and tell me how to delete it. Also, why can’t McAfee VirusScan do it?
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