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    Still have not been upgraded to ( 12.8.903)?


      Given the fact that I reside on the East Coast, and "Normally" recieve daily updates at or around the same time

      as Canada, Texas,US...( Being I am on the US server) is there a way to "Force an Build upgrade"?  Without having to perform

      a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall, I might add.


      I fully realize that it can fluxuate in times you recieve such.  However, I have friends all over the East Coast that (Has) been upgraded to

      12.8.(903) ? In addition, I did not recieve my Daily Anti-Virus Engine Version for 1/1/2014? Still @ 1756.0....Just wondering? Has anyone recieved their update (1757.0)...or is it simply due to the Holidays?


      All this when I plan to (Renew) my Total Protection tomorrow for (2) more years....


      Windows 7 Service Pack 1







      P.S.- I might add that I attempted to (manually) retrieve the update by (turning off Access Protection) momentarily....

      Still no result......