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    ePO 4.6.4 to ePO 5.1 inplace upgrade


      We have a Server 2008 R2 x64 ePO 4.6.4 server that we want to upgrade to ePO 5.1. The database is running on the same server on a SQL 2008 R2 Express instance. The ePO 5.1 Installation Guide  references running the Upgrade Compatibility Utility. In our case since we are already on a supported platform, would we just run setup.exe and go through those steps? As I understand the documenation, the compatibility utility is run only when the database needs to be migrated and upgraded to run on 64 bit environments and want to make sure I am not skipping any critical steps. Thanks.

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          Hi eeffuser,


          According to your understanding about the inplace upgrade with supported enviornment (OS, sql and the EPo version ), is up to mark.


          As per your query, the answer is YES, as you can run the setup.exe without running the compatibility tool.

          But, please take few precautions before upgrade process and details as below.

          1) Take the complete EPo folder and EPO DB backup ( For the specific folders backup, follow the KB66616 with backing up column for details).

          2) Follow the KB76739 EPO checklist before upgrade process ( Please don't ignore any step from this article, to avoid the upgrade failures, as this is recommended from McAfee).



          3) Then, run setup.exe file from the EPO 5.1.0 package and if there is no incompatible products with xisting epo 4.6.4, it will skip the compatibility check and proceed for the upgradation.


          I hope this answers your queries......





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            Let us know how it goes with your Upgrade. We are planning to do ours in a few weeks or month

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              I'll be upgrading later tonight. Hopefully all goes well.



              Running through the extra checklist in KB76739, in our server, the TCP/IP protocol was not enabled in the SQL Server Client Network utility. Don't know if this would have made a difference but I did not see this KB referenced in the 5.1 upgrade documentation. 


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                The upgrade installation of 5.1 completed without any errors, but on the ePO login screen I get a message saying that the "Local Agent Handler Service is not runningr" When I try to restart the server it does not start automatically and starting it manually fails with the error: "Windows could not start the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1.0 Server on <serverhostname>...." What might be the cause. Everything else seems fine. I can log into the ePO see the system tree, polcies, extensions everything except agents cannot communicate to ePO.

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                  Blacksmith, overall, the upgrade was straightforward. The issue we encountered above was resolved by technical support, for some reason the agent handler setup part of the ePO upgrade did not complete successfully. They regenerated the SSL certs as per the corresponding part in KB66616 and everything was working perfectly afterwards. During the upgrade, the migrating polcies part took a long while (30 minutes or so) but it was ok in the end. Just make sure you don't have any incompatible extensions.

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                    Thanks for the update eeffuser! Glad to hear that your update is straightforward. We ran the "Compatibility Check" and we just need to upgrade few products before we proceed. I will upgrade those products first then update this post with how our epo upgrade goes.

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                      I have main issue here.


                      My system/upgrade is on same system with same DB

                      Win2k8 R2, DB 2008

                      Compatibility shows no incompatibility found but when stating the upgrade, got an error - ePO (EPOCore) - error, either upgrade or or remove.


                      Can someone pleae help with this error.



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                        You'll have to wait for ePO 5.1.1

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                          Thanks buddy!

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