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    how to add trusted folders to mcafee protection


      I install the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist and mcafee keeps deleting his one file in it uplay.dll or something but its really annoying so i finally found out this after the 2nd reinstallation and went to the mcafee application thingy to check on the firewall and file protection or whatever so some people say to disable it so it can be installed but is there a way to actually add the game folder into the trusted list so this file doesn't get deleted? There must be a way, because i don't want to have to disable the scan and firewall everytime i play it or keep restoring this file it deletes, and what if it deletes it without me opening the game like after its temporary disablement comes back on? So, How do you add a folder to be 'trusted' into mcafee protection security so that it doesn't scan it or at least doesn't delete any files in it?