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    Windows says no firewall or virus protection - with McAfee on


      Hi, I'm having a problem with McAfee. I recently got a new laptop for Christmas and I installed McAfee LiveSafe under a year subscription. Everything had been fine but Windows had alerted me to the following:


      1. "Windows defender and McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware are both turned off."


      2. "Windows Firewall and McAfee Firewall are both turned off."


      Whenever I try to turn anything on from the Windows Action Center, it gives me the option to but never changes anything. I have checked in the McAfee interface and it says everything is fine and that everything is turned on. I ran a quick scan and nothing was found.


      I have looked for solutions online and the majority explain to uninstall and reinstall. I redeemed a McAfee LiveSafe card online and I feel a bit wary of uninstalling it. I'm sorry if this question is a bit repetitive but I just want to keep my computer safe.


      What should I do?

      Thanks in advance!