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    Integrating external storage to the ESM device using CIFS method


      Hi All,


      We are in the process of integrating an external storage device to the ESM combo device using CIFS method.


      When we click on Storage Pools (Local Receiver-ELM >> Properties >> Storage Pools), I get the below mentioned warning;


      "Your ELM management database is currently residing on the system drive along with the rest of the OS. If this drive runs out of free space, logging will stop and the existing log data will be lost. McAfee strongly recommends moving the database to a storage device with at least 500Gb free space. If your ELM is SAN capable, configuring the SAN volumes first and then migrate the DB using the option in the Receiver configuration tab."


      Ignoring the above warning, we were successful in defining a storage device to be used with the storage pool for data retention. However we are unable to add a storage pool to hold the data.


      While trying to configure a storage pool, we are getting the below error;


      "The ELM management database is residing on the system drive. You must create an external storage device with at least 500Gb free and migrate the management database to it before you can configure the pools."


      Can anyone suggest on how to resolve this issue.


      Thanks in advance.