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    Check DAT updates




      I am trying to automate the process of applying DAT update (VSE/HIPS) based on workflow. To initiate workflow i need to identify latest DAT version available. I can query EPOMasterCatalog table to check for DAT Version in repositary using WEB API. But in order to identify if new update is available, i need to check EPOAvertContentUpdates. The issue is this table can not be queried using WEB API. Also, not sure which process updates this table with latest DAT version and what is the frequency. I also came to know i can check the update site (http://update.nai.com/Products/CommonUpdater/avvdat.ini) to identify DAT Version, the problem here is i am not able to identify DAT version Buffer Overflow and HIPS using this approach.


      Can you please let me know the approach through which i can identify the latest DAT versions released by Mcafee.I can not use Notification Service provided by Mcafee as i need to automate and the program is not integrated with mail server.