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    McAfee vs avast!

      I endured the "McAfee and Thunderbird Do Not get along" issue for months with no resolution (this issue has been going on for years with dozens of customer complaints):



      On a very good Dell laptop (with 4 MB of memory) I experienced system slow downs, freeze ups, and crashes. Memory usage was constantly extremely high.


      I was subject to what I thought was unethical business practices between McAfee and/or Dell (apparently they have some sort of "agreement")

      McAfee Engages in Unethical Business Practices!!!!!



      Finally, over the Christmas break I removed McAfee from all my home computers and installed avast!, which is FREE and has great reviews in all the tech publications.



      My system now runs much faster.  No crashes.  No freeze ups.  No slow downs.


      I will never use McAfee again.  I will never buy another Dell system unless they can guarantee that McAfee has never been installed on the system.


      Question:  Is McAfee really malware simply masquerading as an anti-virus program?

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          Hi miked215,


          Kindly post back the Service Requests that you had received from McAfee Support Representatives after you had problems with McAfee performance issues and Thunderbird issues..!

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            Well as these forums are paid for by McAfee I can hardly agree with you.  Sorry you had problems with McAfee & yes there have been ongoing issues with Thunderbird I am pretty sure not helped by the fact that it undergoes rapid-fire updates almost constantly.


            Yes Dell and McAfee have a sales agreement, many manufacturers do the same - to keep costs down... to you the consumer. as well as to them


            McAfee is a highly rated anti-malware solution and is, by and large, regarded highly by the business and retail community.   OK there are some who seem to be plagued with issues and Technical Support are there to help if they can.


            From what I've seen on other brands' support sites, probelms aren't confined just to McAfee.  But remember, support sites such as this rarely are used merely to post compliments, but always for problems and considering McAfee has several hundred million customers, it would appear that the vast majority of them are just fine.


            If Avast suits you better then good for you and all the best.





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              Do you think that any other customers have problems with memory usage by McAfee?



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                Did anyone say they didn't?

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                  As I see Selvan has posted officially I would do him the courtesy and answer his questions first before simply throwing out this and that.

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                      Hi miked215,


                      Am sure that you will agree to the below image as well..!



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                        In May I requested to be notified when the problem was fixed.  I never received a reply.


                        After doing multiple updates of McAfee and still having the same problem I assumed the problem was not a high priority for McAfee.


                        Perhaps McAfee can hire some software engineers with the ability to reverse engineer avast!


                        My last email correspondence with McAfee customer service follows:




                        Please just send an email when the problem is fixed so I can then do an update and turn "Real Time Scanning" back on.


                        It is appalling that McAfee software screws up Thunderbird which is one of the popular email clients.


                        It is more appalling that this issues has been on the community website since last year and McAfee has done nothing about it:



                        On 5/9/2013 1:05 PM, McAfee Tier2 Escalations wrote:


                        > Dear Michael Duffy,



                        > This is Selvaraj, from McAfee System Support with a follow-up documented under the Service Request number 484570-1076572572


                        > We were unable to get in touch with you at the number 1 (512) 555-1234


                        > Please reply to this mail, specifying your Phone number with code & convenient date and time with a 2 hours slot tomorrow.


                        > We will get back to you to take care of the issue at the earliest.



                        > Thank you for choosing McAfee.


                        > Selvaraj


                        > McAfee System Support.




                        > This email message is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain information that is confidential, privileged, proprietary and protected from disclosure by applicable law. Any unauthorized review, use, duplication, disclosure or distribution is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and immediately destroy all copies of this message, including electronic and hard copies. Thank you for your cooperation.

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                          Did you see the third link in the list?


                          Memory Usage Test to See Which is the Lightest Antivirus Software (eight months ago)

                          http://www.raymond.cc/blog/which-free-antivirus-is-the-lightest-on-system-memory -usage/2/


                          McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013 was rated 21st.


                          Avast! Free Antivirus 8.0.1483 was rated #1.


                          I am now using 9.0.2011.  Because my system is running so smoothly I can only assume avast! has made even more improvements.


                          I have no doubt that you and Selvan are attempting to be good stewards and defend your product; however,  the upper echelons of the the McAfee executive team needs to address some very serious defecinces in their products and theior marketing practices.


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