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    Virusscan Enterprise for Storage?


      Hi i'm new to storage and others i have knowlegde in ePO and other profucts in McAfee but not VSES.


      Could any one please elaborate about


      1. Virusscan for Storage?

      2. How to install and configure?

      3. How it works?

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          Laszlo G

          If I'm right VirusScan for Storage is intended for SAN that does not have an own anti-virus protocol.


          For example EMC Celerra uses their own CAVA agent that connects to a server with VirusScan Enterprise and this will be the one who will analyze any file copied/accessed in the SAN


          If there's no such kind of agent then you can use a server with VSE+VSES to analyze files accessed/copied in a SAN using the ICAP protocol I think